Our Process

The Moglea line is a joyful exploration of composition, pattern and color. The artful stationery is created by using hand-applied production processes to add one-of-a-kind elements to each product.


Our goods are made by hand,
because we believe art belongs
in the everyday.


The production process begins with color. Members of the paint team thoughtfully apply layers of paint to extra thick sheets of paper in a variety of colors and styles.


Paint boards are then sent to the pressroom where the press team cuts down each board to size, yielding unique compositions. Each piece is finished on one of our antique presses where it is foil stamped or die cut using traditional letterpress printing processes.


Finished products are assembled and carefully packaged by hand by members of our assembly team. All of our orders are shipped out of our Des Moines, Iowa studio.

With each new release, unexpected production processes or visual ideas are added to the collection. The result is a product line in which each piece feels like a one-of-a-kind work of art that is meant to be shared.