Hand Painted Notebooks

Our notebooks have a new look. Redesigned with functionality and durability in mind, take a look at how we've made our beloved notebooks even better with new styles, processes, sizes and features! Explore our innovative notebook designs that prioritize functionality and durability.


Moglea's cloth notebooks are created by using hand-applied production processes to add one-of-a-kind elements to each notebook. The team applies paint layers to cloth before cutting them, creating unique compositions. After gluing the cover, each piece is pressed and foil stamped on antique presses. Notebooks are then hand-assembled by members of our production team.

1. Paint Cloth

Members of the paint team apply layers of paint to cloth in a variety of colors and styles.

2. Glue Covers

Our production team cuts the cloth and creates durable covers using glue and other materials.

3. Foil-Stamp

Both front and back covers are sent to the press room to be foil-stamped by the press team.

4. Add Elastic

Once foil-stamped, our production team adds colorful elastic to each back cover.

5. Print, Cut & punch

While preparing the elastic, the interior sheets and pockets are also being prepped.

6. Assemble Notebooks

Upon completion of each step, our assembly team assembles and packages every notebook.


Each painted cloth book comes in 7 sizes suitable for any lifestyle. Smaller sizes are ideal for on-the-go notes, while larger sizes are great for sketching or desk notes.

Tiny : 2.75 x 4.25”

Mini : 3.5 x 5”

Slim : 4 x 9 “

Small A6 : 4 x 6”

Medium A5 : 6 x 8”

B5 Comp : 7 x 10”

Sketchbook : 8.5 x 11”

Interior Sheet Styles

Blank Pages

Blank pages are ideal for sketching and making quick lists and reminders. You can use the blank pages to unleash your creativity and jot down ideas.

Available for all styles excluding Slim.

Ruled Pages

Ruled pages are recommended for traditional and organized daily note-taking. You will find that ruled pages enhance your daily note-taking experience by providing structure and organization.

Available for all styles excluding Tiny & Mini.


Functional and beautiful, our new cloth notebooks have a number of new features that elevate your everyday notebook.

- Larger coil to allow for more pages.

- 120 Pages of 104 gsm cream paper stock.

- Durable cover that is easy to wipe clean.

- Elastic closure to keep your notes secure.

- Clear pockets for saving notes.
Tiny, Mini & Slim do not include a pocket.